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the boys are very complex and the girls are very pretty

never underestimate a Celt
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We live only to discover beauty; all else is a form of waiting.
- Khalil Gibran


In brief: American; East-Coaster turned Midwesterner; badly traveled; female; queer; college student; fanfiction writer; poetry lover; artist; all-around procrastinator who's overly fond of semicolons. My primary journal is now on Dreamwidth - this account is a mirror, and thus won't always be updated, or updated correctly, though fanworks will be crossposted and replied to on both accounts. Sorry if you're an El-Jay person; I got tired of jumping through flaming hoops.


If you want to friend me, go ahead, it's likely I'll friend you back. (Eventually, anyway. See: "all-around procrastinator"). All of my fanworks are also open to being remixed, sampled, sequeled, referenced, or anything else you can think to do with them. Just please credit me, somewhere.


INCEPTION. Also, Sherlock BBC, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Life on Mars, East-West 101, Six Feet Under, Bones, Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar, Leverage, Supernatural. But mostly Inception.

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